About us

Who we are

Homestay Technologies Limited provides technology, marketing and distribution solutions to the education travel and leisure travel sectors through its network of partners such as homestay providers, internship companies, study abroad agencies and language schools.

Homestaymanager.com is the first brand in the suite of websites offered by Homestay Technologies Limited. It’s the first online homestay management system of its kind that facilitates bookings in real time from partners and agents into fully inspected and approved host families.

Developed specifically for the language & education travel sector, it connects all the key learning industry players including partners, host families, local organisers, agents and guests. Homestaymanager.com is ideal for any business entity where booking homestay accommodation is integral to their core business needs.

To accelerate our entry to the education travel sector, we acquired Niftyschool.com (4 Niches Ltd) in early 2012, a web based language school management system, which we have integrated with Homestaymanager.com. This facilitates a complete online management solution for language schools.

The company is co-founded by Debbie Flynn and Tom Kennedy, who have pioneered the business model drawing on their extensive experience and knowledge of the education and broader leisure travel sectors.

Homestay Technologies Limited was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.