Online Homestay Management – Secure, Efficient…Easy

Online Homestay Management
Secure, Efficient…Easy

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    Ideal for...

  • Language schools
  • Internship agencies
  • Au pair agencies
  • Volunteer agencies
  • Study abroad agencies
  • Education travel agents
  • Homestay providers

Current Process

  • Labour intensive
  • Inefficient
  • Non-transparent

The Solution

  • Unique online homestay management system
  • Real-time bookings
  • Free

The Benefits

  • New revenue
  • Automation
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Platform for growth

Endorsed by...

“I believe that this new technology will lead to safer placements of children and young people into homestays and is something that this industry should be proud to embrace.”
Chris Gould
Chairman, Child Safe International (registered charity)


“I just can’t believe how easy it is to book my host families now & to be able to give my agents all the information they require. For hosts it means no more missing out on a student because they couldn’t answer the phone!”

Sam Connell, IE Partners, Dublin

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